Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who's Style is it Any Way?

I manage a retail home decor store, and I can spot 'em coming in the door.

The furrowed brow, the tight grip on the old handbag. They avoid eye contact, as they plow up and down the aisles looking for what --
they do not know.

It must be here somewhere, after all--
good taste is all over the place. Running down the walls, wafting from the diffusers, arranged on the shelves like ads in those design magazines.

But what to choose--what is that "one thing" that can be purchased,
taken home, unwrapped, displayed--and will instantly transform their home into a place for all to see that this woman's style is clear and livin' large.

I approach sofly, as to not confront their confusion.  They mumble that they are not looking for anything in particular, just something to go on that certain table, by that particular chair, etc, etc.
I take a breath and with as much compassion as I can muster, I speak the dreaded words--
"What would you say your style is?"

There, I did it--now they have to say it out loud.

A...well...kind of...maybe like....I'm not sure...(and here it comes--It always does) .....Eclectic.

I had a lady tell me the other day. "I would love to mix up my dishes like you do --and it looks great when YOU do it--but everyone would think I've lost my mind." We laughed and I joked that after all SHE was cooking dinner!

But I saw a woman who really wanted to adjust her style.
Switch it up a bit, throw caution to the wind and get FUNKY-- except for the fact that in her mind, she was still living in her mother's house.

Our style is what we say it is. It changes when we change.
It defines us and should please us --
because it tells those who enter our world that they are welcome.

So come over & hang out if you want, if not--go see your mom.