Saturday, February 25, 2012


My Goddaughter is adorable and talented-- plus she has ALOT of stuff. She is a costume design major at a college nearby-- which I love, since I get to see her mother (my bff) when she visits her daughter.

 After Christmas break, my bff and her hubby loaded up gdaughter's stuff to move her back to school and into a new apartment. Down I-35 goes a trailer load full of dresses, costumes, wigs, etc.

When Hubby returns to the apartment after a load--he confesses to us that on the way down the interstate he hit a bump and a plastic tote full of her stuff hit the highway. Tears and upset ensue-- drive bys to collect her one of a kind treasures were unsuccessful. Oh, dear...

Last week I was passing on that same stretch of highway and in the corner of my eye I saw (ok-- imagined) some strange cast members with highly suspicious attire-- very curious!